Дочь Игоря Николаева не говорит по-русски

The youngest daughter of Igor Nikolaev not even a year old, and she is already studying music and even foreign languages.

Little Veronica learns and help her not only mom and dad, but also a nanny of a different nationality.

According to the composer, it was the nanny-Filipina contributes to the fact that at the moment English Veronica knows better than Russian: “In Russian it says only mom and dad, — said the proud father. — And all other words in English. The fact that our nanny is Filipina, and she deals with the child exclusively in English”.

By the way, musical education, the girl has not her father, who in this case AC, and the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva: “How lucky our Veronika, what with the world music introduces its so good and so dear man!”