Igor Nikolaev will be the star of the new video Timati

Игорь Николаев станет звездой нового клипа Тимати
The master singers and rapper are preparing a joint video.

Игорь Николаев станет звездой нового клипа Тимати

Igor Nikolaev

Photo: Philip Goncharov


Photo: Yuri Feklistov

Composer and singer Igor Nikolaev acted in unexpected for a musical video in the new video Timati. Work together such different artists announced Igor’s wife Julia Proskuryakova in his microblog. However, the Duo of question: Nikolaev will appear in the clip as a guest star.

By the way, Timothy is no stranger to unexpected duets. So, very popular was the song “London” which the rapper performed along with Gregory Leps — this song also made a video. A couple of months ago Timothy was invited into the clip the actress Natalia Rudova.

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