Igor Nikolaev wife staged an unforgettable surprise

Игорь Николаев устроил жене незабываемый сюрприз The musician does not get tired to thank Julia Proskuryakova for my daughter. Igor Nikolaev glad to spoil their favorite girls – a charming wife and baby Veronica. The heiress bride was seven months old.

      Игорь Николаев устроил жене незабываемый сюрприз

      For the past seven months, as a famous composer and musician Igor Nikolaev and his charming wife, singer Julia Proskuryakova enjoy parental happiness, watching how they grow their daughter Veronica.

      Stellar husband and father does not get tired to thank his beloved wife for the precious gift she gave him on October 8 last year, making his dad a pretty girl Veronica. Parents each month to celebrate the birthdays of his daughter, scoring his happiest days. Igor Nikolaev remembers the joyous date and trying to this day to treat spouse pleasant surprises. Already early in the morning of 8 may, the musician gave Yulia Proskuryakova a beautiful bouquet of the freshest white roses and a delicious cake. Latest Julia immediately decorated a candle with the number “7” and demonstrated the gifts of her husband in microblog. “Today Veronika 7 months. On this occasion, dad Igor Nikolaev brought beautiful flowers for Yulia’s mom and a very delicious cake. Happy birthday, sweetheart, love our baby. Be healthy and happy, we are near!” – posted by Julia Proskuryakova in the microblog. “I join in the congratulations Yulia’s mom! Love you girls! Go for a walk on the sea!”, – answered in the comments to the post spouses Igor Nikolaev.

      It is worth noting that these days, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova with my daughter Veronika is carried out in Jurmala, where the couple has a home. By the way, since the birth of the baby the star couple visited here many times. The first months of a young mother actually lived there with a newborn baby girl because the mild climate of Latvia is ideally suited to them, and then the family spent in the Baltic States almost the whole of January, enjoying walks along the coast and skiing.

      Now in Jurmala has established a great weather and the couple revisits a lot of time to devote to walks and ride bikes, perfectly combining leisure with concerns about her daughter.

      According to Igor Nikolaev, Veronica grows very smiling girl, obviously waiting for from this world only a wonderful event. By the way, star’s dad has already managed to dedicate verses to his little heiress. “Daughter, my girl, soon life will teach you not to give yourself and others needlessly plaguing torment. This is the whole essence girls!” – said in an interview to one of TV channels the happy father, when Veronica had just turned five months.

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