Igor Nikolaev touchingly thanked his wife for the daughter

Игорь Николаев трогательно поблагодарил жену за дочку The younger heiress of the famous composer was a year old. In the early morning of 8 October Julia Proskuryakova and Igor Nikolaev accept congratulations from fans happy birthday to their little daughter Veronica. In microblogs star couple left hundreds of comments with wishes of good and happiness to the little girl and her parents.

      For a famous composer Igor Nikolaev and his young wife, singer Julia Proskuryakova 8 October it became forever a special date. On this day exactly a year ago came to light their long-awaited daughter Veronica, making their dad and mom the happiest people in the world.

      Early Saturday morning, Igor Nikolaev rushed to congratulate beloved wife, an important date in their lives. A touching message he posted in the blog so everyone could share a couple of their joy and happiness in the occasion of the first birthday of Veronica.

      “My lovely girl and my dear wife, Julia! Good morning! Today is a huge day – the first birthday of our daughter, Veronika! Thank you for it!” – written by Igor Nikolaev jointly with his wife the.

      Under the post was immediately abandoned hundreds of comments from fans of the star couple with wishes of good and happiness to the little girl and her parents. “Congratulations on the birth of a daughter. The health of the entire family,” “Congratulations little doll with her first date! Good health and success in all your endeavors and joy! You, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, her role model and main support in life! When she grows up, will be very proud of their parents! Love and take care of each other!”, “Happy birthday, Veronica and her whole big family!”, “Happy birthday little bit, let her waiting for a big happy life!” “Julia, congratulations to you, She and Igor, of course, with such a wonderful holiday with the year! The health of you and your doll. Be happy! Love your family,” write the fans of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova.

      It should be noted, that daughter is the light really changed the lives of the star couple. Parents try to spend with Veronica and every spare minute. Julia is very glad that Igor constantly helps her in everything. Moreover, the composer has a grown daughter, so he is an experienced dad and husband constantly listens to his advice. Julia Proskuryakova no longer hide her daughter’s face

      According to Igor Nikolaev, Veronica grows very smiling girl, obviously waiting for this world only a wonderful event. By the way, star dad managed to dedicate verses to his little heiress.

      . “Daughter, my girl, soon life will teach you not give yourself life and others is in vain to torment. This is the whole point of girls!” – said in an interview with one of the channels happy father when Veronica was barely five months.