Igor Nikolaev showed how pampers little daughter

Игорь Николаев показал, как балует маленькую дочку
The musician was surprised by Veronica gift.

Daughter Of Igor Nikolaev — Veronica

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev, like most parents, wants to give his daughter the best of everything. And he is very happy when he gets to please the little Veronica, beloved daughter of the original gift.

Nikolaev on the eve showed some surprise at this time prepared for my daughter. To please her he set on the backyard mini-trampoline with a slide. Immediately after installing Igor had sent our daughter to learn a new toy.

“And we have the premiere of a new trampoline! “Dad, what am I to do with all this? To move or not to move out?” — signed photo of Nikolaev.

By the way, Igor not only spoils his daughter. For example, Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya not so long ago, gave to her son Artemy big toy house in which you can safely climb, jump and slide down slides. Even though such a gift is hard to compare with what surprise to prepare children Philip. It builds on Martin and Alla-Victoria home amusement Park! And built it to be in the house of the king of pop, since the size of his home allow him to implement such bold decisions.