Igor Nikolaev showed “hot” photos with Yulia Proskuryakova

Игорь Николаев показал «жаркое» фото с Юлией Проскуряковой
The composer gave vent to his feelings.

Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

Igor Nikolaev shares rare family photos with subscribers. However, recently the composer and the singer decided to show the fans a part of his idylls, and published the passionate kiss with his wife — Julius Proskuryakova. Given that the couple rarely show affection in public, the picture was really “hot”.

On the portrait of his wife depicted in the “Baden-Baden” kiss. One would assume that this is some new kind of love, but in reality the name derives from the place where were made frame. Igor and Julia a couple of days ago, I arrived in a luxury resort in Germany. It was on a bridge in Baden-Baden and was made this picture.

Incidentally, it is not excluded that the trip was timed to the celebration of the birth of a daughter to a pair of Veronica. Incidentally for the last time in the family of the composer was held by several significant events. The couple celebrated the anniversary of the wedding as well as birthday Julia.