Igor Nikolaev shamed colleagues for the attitude of Victoria Dayneko

Игорь Николаев пристыдил коллег за отношение к Виктории Дайнеко
The musician turned to those who “framed” Julia Samoylova.

Игорь Николаев пристыдил коллег за отношение к Виктории Дайнеко

Julia Samoylova

Victoria Dayneko

Igor Nikolaev joined the Joseph Prigogine and Leonid Agutin, making a comment about the speech of Yulia Samoilova at Eurovision. The actor doesn’t blame singer for what happened a failure, but unhappy that she was entrusted to represent Russia at the musical contest.

Igor remembered that Samoilova, for objective reasons, are unable in 2013 to win the show “factor a”, which became famous. “Julia did not win, although he reached the final. Because in the ending — just real results and real singing, without any indulgence to physical limitations, otherwise one would have a separate competition…” — said Nikolaev.

At the same time, the singer knows personally many strong young singers, which would worthily represent Russia at “Eurovision”. Nikolaev drew attention of his colleagues to the fact that many people underestimate the talent of Victoria Dayneko.

“Now, certainly, many of my friends and colleagues watching Eurovision, and when they read my post, I want to ask them the question: well, after listening to Vick in this post, knowing how much of superfacialist is in Russia, what level of pop-the show was staged over the last couple of years, whether it was cross country in these and not so simple for her years, and, most importantly, to expose the Julia Samoylova, making it a bargaining chip in the game “pity”, they say, will not dare to offend?” — Nikolaev was indignant. On the eve of Vic, by the way, celebrated 31st birthday. Congratulating the artist, Igor turned to friends with a request to look better, BC in the past won the “star Factory-5”. By the way, a few years ago, Victoria said about the readiness to participate in “Eurovision”.