Игорь Николаев ответил на травлю поклонников Наташи Королевой Artist ticked off the numerous comments of users of social networks. After reuniting with Natasha Koroleva on the artist came under criticism from fans of ex-wife. In their opinion, the Nikolaev shouldn’t have diverge from former lover.

      At the 25th anniversary of creative activities of Natasha Koroleva in the Kremlin Igor Nikolaev for the first time sang a duet with ex-wife. Celebrities have performed all known hit “Dolphin and mermaid”. Despite the big breakup stars, they proved that they are ready to support each other and delight their fans.

      Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva reunited on stage

      After the speech of the Nikolaev posted on a microblog in which he congratulated the Queen, breaking a big milestone in life. In review for publication, the artist turned the whole discussion. Some followers of Nikolaev was in such a strong impression of his duet with the Queen that rushed to criticize his current wife. One fan artist at all and found that Igor behaved improperly on the stage and as if afraid of something. The singer and his wife personally said some users of social networks.

      “Igor doesn’t want to speak with Natasha, because her or her fans (they deny that they are fans, then none) find us in social networks… how can you be told how to behave on stage. Express wishes, tell me how you like them, for example, and say thank you for the duet, but when people are insulting loved ones and himself, suggest how to look and what to do, with whom to be or not to be, whom to love and whom not, it is definitely not annoying…” – wrote Yulia Proskuryakova.

      Your comment also left Natasha Queen, congratulating the singer for a joint performance. “It was very exciting and touching,” – shared the actress.

      After some time my opinion about this situation was expressed by Igor Nikolaev. The artist has published gratitude to the Queen and asked all dissatisfied users to unsubscribe from its pages.

      “It may be concise and, I hope, a sincere comment your favorite singer in this photo will refresh you, and you stop to look in a dark room for a black cat that isn’t there, and together they leave my page? The songs I wrote for Natasha Koroleva, turned out to be long lasting, stood the test of time and people’s love, so you go to a “Small country” that I created for her and for you, you’ll be warm and cozy, and, by the way, according to Ilya Reznik, there’s always spring”, – said the artist.