Igor Nikolaev remembered about the meeting with Donald trump

Игорь Николаев вспомнил о встрече с Дональдом Трампом

Raspberry wine we drank with you once.. well-Known Russian musician and composer Igor Nikolaev amid nationwide excitement about the victory in the presidential elections in the USA representative of the Republican party, Donald trump, and recalled how they met at the opening of the towers of the Trump Towers in 2004. Nikolaev owns in the United States real estate, and familiarity with businessman and future President of the United States feels honored.

“We met back in 2004 in Miami at the opening there of the towers of the Trump Towers. I flew there, among many other stars at the Banquet and a big party. With Donald we talked for 20 minutes, drank wine, and discussed something. He was a pleasant, intelligent conversationalist, an excellent businessman. It was already clear that this is a very powerful man with ambitious plans. I’m glad he achieved his goal and became President” — said Nikolaev journalists.