Igor Nikolaev recalls interesting facts from the biography of Mikhail Zadornov

Игорь Николаев вспоминает интересные факты из биографии Задорнова
The singer mourns lost friend.

Igor Nikolaev, Mikhail Zadornov

Photo: Instagram

Igor Nikolaev mourns lost friend Mikhail Zadornov,
who died this morning. “Photo took the first that came, —
commented on your post in social networks singer. — We Misha
sitting in the dressing room at Yevgeny Yevtushenko (also already deceased). Don’t know what
to say… Words fall apart… I knew it vegetarian and not so vegetarian
periods of life. Always a sharp wit, sensitivity and professional respect for
colleagues. Somehow I remembered how in Los Angeles Misha called me after
his concert at a vegan restaurant and enthusiastically and excitedly talked about the benefits of
healthy (i.e. vegetarian) lifestyle. Always tanned, lean… Read
before death it has accepted Orthodoxy and has soborovanie… The latest and
the wisest move. Mikhail Zadornov. Writer. Artist. The Kingdom Of Heaven.”

Mikhail Zadornov always been really unbelievably greedy
to the life of man, and the principle and guide to action was: “I Want
to do something well, do it yourself!” For example, furnished his house in
Jurmala, he often did the interior with their own hands, or attract local
masters that they made this or that subject in his sketches.

“That is made from natural materials with their hands,
helps me to understand where in the life the truth and a lie, a fake — claimed
satirist. — I was just following the advice of my mother, who said: “a house should be
how many corners where you want to sit down with a book and not get up for hours.”
From this calculation it is arranged, and in a literal sense: on the seats
wooden chairs carved recess for the soft spot, here are guests and do not want
to go…One day early in the morning in my birthday I went for a walk on the beach
at the mouth of the river Lielupe. Suddenly I see a wonderful log. How not to take?! Here and per
the heavy moisture from the wood, which is three kilometer away. Rare passers-by
shied away: at 6 am to meet them walks a bearded man with a log
at the ready!.. Then from it came a great beam”.

In Jurmala, for the satirist always has been a city landmark, because it
he hails from Latvia. Long before illness, in 2014, the actor said that it is very
wants to be buried in this country. “Here are the graves of my parents,
grandmothers. I would be sorry if do not bury me in Latvia”, — commented on
Zadornov, when the media has information that it wants to deprive of the views