Igor Nikolaev publicly apologized to Dmitry Malikov

Игорь Николаев публично извинился перед Дмитрием Маликовым The singer asked for forgiveness from colleagues in show business. Earlier Dmitry Malikov shared with subscribers of his “Instagrama” arguments of congratulations in social networks. The contractor expressed his surprise at the fact that stars devote to each other posts, and don’t call with requests.
Игорь Николаев публично извинился перед Дмитрием Маликовым

The singer Dmitry Malikov is an active user of social networks. The artist never ceases to surprise and delight followers with vivid pictures and interesting thoughts. Sometimes the performer allows himself an ironic statement about the resonance of events or phenomena. Recently Dmitry has decided to comment on the situation, when celebrities publicly congratulate each other on the Internet. According to Malikov, in some cases, easier to call and come visit than to publish a post on Instagram.

“Don’t like it when the stars are congratulating each other, somehow not ice all of these nyashi-manasi… After all, everyone familiar with each other! I want to congratulate call! And bring an expensive gift or at least a cake. How do you think?” – asked the singer to subscribers.

Publication Dmitry provoked a lively discussion in the Network. “I agree! Warmth of voice and emotions impossible to convey letters. Meeting gifts. And best of all, You are right, it is better to personally call and congratulate. Better yet, unexpectedly come up with a great cake”, “People have forgotten about the real purpose of the phone – this is the framework of current realities”, “the Internet is now replacing all, We all become pokazushno,” wrote those who share the point of view of the artist.

At the same time, other social media users found that a nice birthday any sign of attention – in Instagram or phone. “You can go, and so and so”, “What’s the difference how to keep your wishes?”, “In my opinion, quietly somehow not interesting”, “Many congratulations does not happen,” – commented on the Internet.

Among those who joined the discussions post by Dmitry Malikov was Igor Nikolaev. The actor revealed that he often congratulates the friends on social networks. The singer apologized to a colleague in show business.

“The hint. I’m sorry I congratulated. It was in January. But “sport no disqualification”, it is possible to congratulate on the phone and in Instagram, she posted a piece of the “Old songs” that we filmed, because it’s a cute pleasant memories and they do not really give… again I’m sorry I congratulated. Good luck!” – said Nikolayev.

Dmitry Malikov was quick to answer good friend. The actor stressed that did not mean anyone specific, just sharing my thoughts. Igor Nikolaev again responded to the review colleagues. Fans of the performers supported their words with “likes”.