Igor Nikolaev made the ascent on mount Athos

Игорь Николаев совершил восхождение на Афон
The singer bowed to the shrines.

Photo: Instagram

Singer Igor Nikolaev appeared in Greece during the Holy feast of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. According to legend it was September 21, in the family of righteous Joachim and Anna, the virgin Mary was born, the future earthly mother of Jesus Christ. By tradition, all Orthodox countries early morning walk on the Festive Liturgy.

The singer has long wanted to visit Vatopedi monastery, the place which houses the main relic that once belonged to Mary — the belt of the virgin. Usually people come to him for health, for childbirth and for healing from cancer and infertility. That asked Nikolaev, he did not tell is too personal. But the fact that he was in Greece during this Holy day, this is a great sign!

On Athos, where there are many male monasteries, off-limits to women, so Nikolaev went without his beloved wife Julia Proskuryakova.