Igor Nikolaev is worried about the life of the eldest daughter

Igor Nikolaev is worried about the life of the eldest daughter The musician has shared with fans a video that was removed Julia. A young woman is in Miami, where now raging hurricane “Irma”. Fans suggest the heiress of the artist is not to ignore security measures.

The eldest daughter of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia lives mainly in the USA. The young woman decided not to leave Miami despite the approaching hurricane “Irma”. The composer shared with fans a video that captured him heir to the balcony.

“Hurricane “Irma” is approaching. People from Miami have left, departed or hid (and rightly so). Just my fearless daughter Julia on the balcony and removes this video. Says that will pass slightly to the West, but still scary,” signed by the composer video posted on Instagram.

The video that the elements raged, and the strong wind nearly rips the trees out of the ground by the roots. Fans were shocked and advised Julia not to risk and to evacuate from the epicenter of the raging elements. “It’s very dangerous! It is urgent to leave”, “Keep us updated, post new positions, we are experiencing”, “What a nightmare! Let’s not playing with the fate and hide”, – expressed his opinion the fans of Nikolaev.

Julia herself has not yet shared her emotions about the violence of the elements. The young woman rarely publishes photos and videos in Instagram, but her followers sincerely hope that with the daughter of a musician, all will be well.

Before it became known that the epicenter of the devastating hurricane were other domestic stars. Sergey Glushko is now in Miami, and regularly talks to fans about the elements.

“Friends, your experiences are very support us. Actually, very scary, but we hope for the best”, – shared his emotions Glushko.

Natasha Koroleva does not hide that she is very worried for her husband. The actress appears on the “New wave” in Sochi, but is closely monitoring developments in Miami. Hurricane “Irma” raging since the fifth of September. The authorities of the state of Florida, knowing of the impending danger, organized the evacuation of six million people.

Apparently, Julia Nikolaeva, and Sergei Glushko ignored security measures and decided not to leave Miami. The fans hope that because of the violence of the elements no one gets hurt. And yet, they suggest Patriotic stars to go out and stock up on food as a hurricane, under forecasts of weather forecasters, will rage for several days.