Igor Nikolaev is afraid for his little daughter

Игорь Николаев боится за свою маленькую дочку
The composer worried about the safety of Veronica.

Igor Nikolaev

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Alone with all”

Igor Nikolaev was lucky in life to become a father twice, and with a difference of 37 years. Such a large gap in time is influenced by the fact that the composer can compare the thrill of fatherhood at a very young age and much more Mature. Naturally, Igor knows the difference between the previous and current a and talked about it the other day.

The main difference is that earlier Nikolaev, in his words, was reckless. Raising the first daughter — Julia, he never felt for her the feelings of fear. “Yes, here is the fundamental difference between young and middle-aged dads. I was not afraid at all. We were swinging on the swing, she flew through the swing, flew to the sandbox, falling… Nothing ever broke, dusted himself off, and all. I was mad!” — said Igor.

By the time when the house appeared little Veronica, Nikolaev has already passed the stage of violent youth and became a sober approach to the issue of child care. However, now the actor is experiencing a bit hypertrophied feeling of responsibility. Igor is very worried about his little daughter and close to the heart perceives any incident related to it.

“It is impossible to watch as she walks around the apartment. It’s not like she walks and she’s a bullet runs! BAM! And face bloody, already the blood, she fell, cut her lip… a Nightmare! Bleeding. The horror! Yes, it’s a decent panic that was not there before. It’s terrible!” — Igor shared in the program “Alone with all”.