Игорь Николаев сделал свадьбу друзей незабываемой Guests of the celebration were able to hear the hits of the artist. Igor Nikolaev shared his impressions after he witnessed the wedding. For this holiday, the singer and composer arrived in St. Petersburg.

      Popular singer and composer Igor Nikolaev did not hide that he is ready to remain without a vacation for the summer in order to ensure that all necessary Yulia Proskuryakova his wife and little daughter, Veronica. However, the musician still found time to escape to St. Petersburg and to wish each other happy wedding day. The wedding Igor played an important role: he became a witness from the groom.

      “For the first time was a witness at the wedding of a friend! Exciting feeling! Sasha, Katya, congratulations!” – wrote in the microblog artist.

      Also for a young family of Alexander and Catherine Igor Nikolaev sang his hit “you’re beautiful”. That’s the song the couple performed the wedding dance. For all the guests, and, of course, for the newfound family, it was an unforgettable moment.

      The fans had to watch a number of the artist only through videos posted on a microblog. Fans noted that many girls would be happy to perform your first wedding dance to the accompaniment of Nikolaev.

      “Igor, you are a great talent from God! Your songs, hits from childhood all know by heart! Thank you for your posts, for what you have thank you! I’ve always loved your songs and all your creativity!”, “Our first dance was also under your song – “Bless this night.” Sorry, that is not alive!”, “Igor, you are a real talent, I admire you. You are great! Sing so well. The dream of many girls to sing at their wedding,” commented the publication of the musician.

      Igor arrived in Saint Petersburg alone. His wife and daughter remained in Riga, where the family spends the summer. Parents believe that sea air is very healthy little Veronica. In the absence of Yulia and Igor really miss each other, but thanks to modern technology always stay connected. During the meetings the couple pleasing each other with gifts.

      “We get on really well, no matter what we do. And when we are far away from each other, then talk on the phone every day, chatting on the Internet. And after a particularly long separation Igor makes me presents! They are all different… and pleasant things, and a very nice “size”. Igor always good at surprises! For example, one day we spent in Sicily for three glorious days,” – said Julia in an interview.

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