Igor Nikolaev defended adult daughter from aggressive fans

Игорь Николаев защитил взрослую дочь от агрессивных фанатов
The composer has deprived the world a chance to hurt Julia.

Igor Nikolaev with his daughter Julia

Photo: @igor_nikolaev_music Instagram

New year’s eve, Igor Nikolaev with his wife met in Monte-Carlo, and after they moved to Miami, where he spent a long holiday vacation. The composer took advantage of the trip to the States in order to meet his adult daughter Julia, who for many years lived in America own life.

Nikolaev already faced with unfair and sometimes aggressive criticism from users of the Network, so I disabled the ability to comment on published a joint photo with Julia. “Farewell lunch with my daughter in our home a cozy restaurant before departure to Moscow. Happiness to you, dear! Hope to see you soon!” — posted by Nikolayev.

Perhaps the decision of the musician to protect his daughter from evil review was affected by the recent attack by haters for his wife Julia Proskurjakova. Lately several of her publications have been widely discussed by the detractors. On one Julia was photographed with a towel on his head and no makeup. Natural look Proskuryakova many provoked sarcastic comments. On the other, it demonstrated the allegedly imperfect figure in a swimsuit. Even the hairstyle of Yulia raises its subscribers irritation. The wife of Nikolaev, while trying to pretend that she was not interested in the opinion of strangers to criticism react with obvious irritation and resentment.