Игорь Николаев встал на защиту Наташи Королевой
Musician harshly responded to the provocations of the enemies.

Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva

Photo: @Instagram igor_nikolaev_music Igor Nikolaev

Recently Natasha Koroleva presented in the State Kremlin Palace his solo show. In addition to spectacular performances and colourful outfits, the concert was marked by the reunion of the singer with her ex-husband, Igor Nikolayev.

The artists performed on the main stage, the Duo famous for the hit “Dolphin and mermaid”. However, detractors harshly criticized the Network of joint action of the Queen and Nikolaev. Igor did not put up with insults and wrote a reply to the spiteful critics.

“Well. They performed together. You have better fans? No. They do not feel better. In the beginning of the year they bombarded me with angry letters, they say, Yes how can You not speak to her in concert (not even knowing if I am going to speak or not). Now that everyone has made, not less than shit… the point of the post is different: Natasha! You’re good, you’re a worker, you worked very hard, and this concert is a big milestone in your life. Congratulations!” — said Igor. Fans felt very touching the fact that Nikolaev had stood up for his ex-wife.

By the way, Yulia Proskuryakova, the current wife of Igor on the concert were not present. She was busy at home taking care of his beloved daughter, Veronica. By the way, recently microblogging Yulia attacked by hackers, but she managed to defend his page to the crackers.