Igor Nikolaev apologized to Dmitry Malikov

Игорь Николаев принес извинения Дмитрию Маликову
The famous singer Dmitry Malikov actively engaged in the social network, posting pictures of his personal life.

Игорь Николаев принес извинения Дмитрию Маликову

A recent publication by the Network has caused a wide resonance. Malikov admitted that wonders why it has now become customary to write congratulations in the Internet, instead of personally to do it.

Игорь Николаев принес извинения Дмитрию Маликову

“Don’t like it when the stars are congratulating each other, somehow not ice all of these nyashi-manasi… After all, everyone familiar with each other! I want to congratulate call! And bring an expensive gift or at least a cake. How do you think?” – said Dmitry.

Which reacted to Igor Nikolaev, who is himself often in this way wishes of their friends.

“The hint. I’m sorry I congratulated. It was in January. But “sport no disqualification”, it is possible to congratulate on the phone and in Instagram, she posted a piece of the “Old songs” that we filmed, because it’s a cute pleasant memories and they do not really give… again I’m sorry I congratulated. Good luck!” – written by Igor.

What Dmitry hurried excuse, saying that it wasn’t a hint, he was just sharing his thoughts.

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