Игорь Николаев и Наташа Королева воссоединились на сцене Former spouses for the first time after long years to sing a duet. Igor Nikolaev was supported by the Queen Natasha December 10 at her solo concert in the Kremlin, which the singer has marked the 25th anniversary of his creative activity. Ironically, on this day 15 years ago, Dolphin and mermaid formalize your divorce.

      Igor Nikolaev and Natasha Koroleva proved that despite all the unpleasant moments associated with their high-profile breakup that happened over fifteen years ago, they are ready to support each other and stay beautiful duet on stage.

      On Saturday, December 10, Natasha Koroleva gave a big solo concert in the Kremlin under the name “Magic L”, and which it has marked the 25th anniversary of his creative activity.

      Twelve of these twenty-five years Natasha Koroleva went on stage together with her husband Igor Nikolayev, who wrote for her the best songs. And of course, the composer came to the Kremlin, to support his ex-wife and played with her unforgettable hit song “Dolphin and mermaid”. Well, after the concert of Igor Nikolaev posted in a microblog post, congratulating Natasha Queen with this bold and important in her life event.

      “Well. They performed together. You feel better, fans of Natasha Koroleva? No. They do not feel better. In the beginning of the year they bombarded me with angry letters, they say, Yes how can You not be on her concert, not even knowing whether I speak or not. The point of the post is different: Natasha!You’re good, you’re a worker, you worked very hard, and this concert is a big milestone in your life. Congratulations!”, – written by Igor Nikolaev.

      Many fans of Natasha Koroleva left in awe of the solo concert and joint performance with Igor Nikolaev. Many still consider them to be the creative Duo is one of the best on the Russian stage.

      “Nice to see you two together…”, “the concert was great, thank you!” “Thank you very much for wonderful songs. In concert with Natasha was a great speech”, “a Real man! Not a single bad word about the former. May God give you happiness, to you and all your loved ones, take care of yourself”, “So cool! Like Natasha, are you from childhood… Your pair always made me happy, I remember very worried, but for now just for each of you rejoice!”, – share impressions fans of Natasha Koroleva and Igor Nikolaev.

      It is worth noting that the composer and singer officially severed a marital Union of 10 December 2001. Ended with a beautiful tale of the “Dolphin and mermaid”, in a sad finale that fans of the long not wanted to believe. And here, ironically, on this day fifteen years later, Nikolaev and Queen went out together on stage.