Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova save the baby

Игорь Николаев и Юлия Проскурякова спасают ребенка Celebrity couple turned to celebrities. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova learned that one-year-old Artem Pliskova necessary medical care and decided to approach colleagues. The boy’s parents have to collect a large sum of money for treatment.

      Игорь Николаев и Юлия Проскурякова спасают ребенка

      The couple did not remain indifferent to the disaster have countrymen, the citizens of Anna and Andrew Oliskevych. Their year-old son Artem had a relapse of blood cancer. For the first time the terrible diagnosis put baby in ten months, he underwent several courses of chemotherapy at regional children’s hospital. But the disease was stronger than the doctors had predicted: in late March, the leukemia returned. The only salvation – an urgent bone marrow transplant. Parents already spent all their savings, appealed to celebrities.

      “Artemka – my brother, he was indifferent to me, – said Yulia Proskuryakova with “StarHit”. – I know his parents, we, are interested in the health of the baby… My daughter is a year and a half. Veronica had just learned to walk, starts to utter the first words. And Artem all this time in the hospital. About the trouble I told my husband. Igor has supported and joined in to help Artem, followed by Philip Kirkorov, Maxim Galkin and many other stars. In Yekaterinburg, people also do not remain in the side – suit auctions, concerts, fairs, all proceeds from which go for the treatment of Artem. Now we need a very large amount – $150 thousand, which you want to collect over a short period of time until April 20. While there is only a part of it.”

      The boy is ready to take in the children’s medical center of Israel Schneider. At first there will be a complete examination, the results of which will form a treatment plan will select a donor and a bone marrow transplant. Roughly all the procedures will cost a family $350 thousand.

      “We with Igor will follow the fate of artemki – continues Proskuryakova. – Do everything possible”.

      Julia Proskuryakova admitted that after the birth of her daughter Veronica, her life changed. She gladly shares his parenting techniques with all the fans. Artist and she draws from a lot of comments from other parents.

      “You know, a lot of answers on forums for young mothers – the questions resolve themselves, so it is a real emergency for me, – said Julia in an interview with “StarHit”. – How to cope with colic, overcome sleep problems, about vaccines and about what color should be surprises for children – and, believe me, they come in all shades of the rainbow… Thanks to all maloletkam who find time to share experiences in the net!”