Игорь Крутой огорчил фанатов тревожной новостью о состоянии Дмитрия Хворостовского
The composer has shared fresh information about the disease baritone.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky with his wife and Igor Krutoy

Photo: @Instagram hvorostovsky Dmitri Hvorostovsky

In early summer, fans were discussing the return of Dmitri Hvorostovsky to the stage after a short break: baritone spoke on the Palace square in St. Petersburg, and after he came to his native Krasnoyarsk, where a brilliantly performed concert, despite the injured arm. But, unfortunately, the jubilation of the fans did not last long. It soon became known that Dmitry has canceled scheduled performances in the new season of the Vienna Opera.

Immediately after that, the Network crawled rumors that Dmitry is in a critical condition. And that’s only on the eve appeared with fresh news about the state of Hvorostovsky. About the health of the actor said Igor Krutoy, which his good friend.

In conversation with journalists he has asked all concerned to pray for the health of Dmitry. He made it clear that the rumors about the sharp deterioration of Hvorostovsky’s not an exaggeration. “As for Dima, God give him health, and may God smile upon him. He fights, and this fight is not equal. We would all pray for his health!” — quoted Igor kp.ru. Thus, it should be noted that on the official website of Dmitry is the announcement of two concerts in September: he’s scheduled to “solo” in Romania, as well as a performance at the Moscow Conservatory.

“But in any case I understand that the best is behind us: the youth, the best voice… What to do? But I continue to fight the disease and hope. “Hope” for me now the most urgent word! — admitted not so long ago, Hvorostovsky. — As they say, I still play checkers! My oncologist looks at me like a miracle: “Oh, he’s alive! Oh, how healthy!” They have, besides me, of such patients – singers of world renown who sing everywhere and continue to work in spite of everything!”

We will remind that Dmitry already two years struggling with cancer. At the end of last year, the master in addition all around had pneumonia.