Igor Krutoy took the beloved heir

Игорь Крутой не принял избранницу наследника The young man was forced to part with the beloved. The famous composer Igor Krutoy has warned of an adult son from the affair with a girl who had a child. Nicholas ended the relationship, after obeying the father.
Игорь Крутой не принял избранницу наследника

The famous composer Igor Krutoy became the guest of the next edition of “the Secret of the million” TV channel NTV, where it has answered the most difficult questions Lera Kudryavtseva.

As it turned out, after the divorce from the first wife Elena Igor Krutoy warned from the life of his son Nicholas. Once famous father even managed to make the young man broke up with his fiancee. The fact that Igor Krutoy had serious doubts about the girls, which also brought an heir from a previous relationship. Unfinished novel. Women in the life of Igor Krutoy

“But it’s not that she was with child, – said Igor Krutoy. – The fact that this child was born of the man who died as a result of potent substances. I was afraid this story”.
Игорь Крутой не принял избранницу наследника

Igor Yakovlevich managed to convey his doubts to Nicholas, and a young man asked to take three months to decide. In the end, he listened to the opinion of the father, and broke off relations with the beloved.

Despite the fact that the composer because of the divorce from his first wife could not constantly be near his son, he did everything he could to Nikolay did not feel the absence of the father. Igor Krutoy with his son has always been a trusting and warm relationship. Young people are always shared with the Pope about their personal problems and experiences. Igor Krutoy was among the first to know what is crashing the first marriage of his son. The last painful divorce, Igor Yakovlevich really empathized Nicholas.

“The son came to me in the hospital and said that he had bad relations with his wife Natasha, – said Igor Krutoy. – I said that you should try to keep the family together, but if not, then they can all go… As the song says, we’ll find another one”.

Nicholas Cool divorced his wife Natalia after six years of marriage, and after a while met a new love. Now Nicholas is happily married to his second wife Julia. Young lavish wedding two years ago staged a famous composer. The son of Igor Krutoy was married in the suburban Golf club

Igor Krutoy believes that it is his duty. Gift newborn family Igor Yakovlevich presented the keys to a luxury mansion.