Игорь Крутой заговорил о непростом характере Пугачевой The composer is confident that the mood of Alla depend on it. Igor Yakovlevich rarely speaks about colleagues and how the only good. On the set of “Once” Cool gently hinted at the mood swings Pugacheva.

Igor Krutoy and Alla Pugachev familiar for many years. The first song on the music by Igor Krutoy “Snow boy” Alla Borisovna has sung in 1992, and two years later sang a song of his own authorship – “Love like sleep”, which became an absolute hit, netlenkoy Diva.

The relationship of the singer and composer has always been difficult. Evidence of participation and non-participation in the festival “New wave” Pugacheva then came and became a Muse, refused without explanation. But neither Steep nor Pugacheva never, under any circumstances, expressed their displeasure with each other in public, that is deeply respected each other no matter what.

Here and now in the program NTV “One day” Igor Krutoy on Pugacheva said, as if slightly lowering his voice, but without further details. And only about the main thing – a tough, authoritarian character Pugacheva. Igor Yakovlevich safely said that the mood Pugacheva depend all around.

“If she wants to make happy the whole company, in which it will, then six and a half minutes everything will die with laughter, but if she wants to do the opposite, she will manage it too,” says the composer.

Igor Krutoy in my 63 years continues to work – preparing two of the competition, runs his own Academy of popular music, writes for pop stars and Opera diva Anna Netrebko. And all this, despite rumors about his illness. The state of his health he commented. It is with great pleasure songwriter talks about friends and colleagues. For example, his old and close friend Raymonda the Pauls. Cool recalled how together with Pauls came up with the contest “New wave” as they began to make friends and get closer so that Igor Yakovlevich became godfather granddaughter Latvian Maestro. “Despite the fact that Raymond is fairly reserved person, I went to his house… he has all the warmth hidden inside. And he so surly,” – said Kruty.

And most of all a songwriter and producer attracted to the Pauls, the way he owned the instrument as played the piano. And speaking of that, Cool again remembered Pugachev: “His (Pauls – approx.ed.) signature move – hands excited. Especially in a time when there was the song “Maestro” when he worked with Alla Pugacheva. This period has also remained prominent in his life, and he often returned to this theme. Said, do you remember when we were filming “the Maestro”. And remember, when she’s around the village. And you know what she said to me: “Move the f…”, – said Cool.