Игорь Крутой показал взрослую красавицу-дочь Alexander happily posed next to his father on the day of his birth. Igor Krutoy celebrated the holiday in Monaco. At the ceremony on the occasion of the 62 anniversary of the Maestro was attended by his family and close friends.

      Famous composer Igor Krutoy 29 Jul turned 62. On the eve of the microblogging stars was filled with images of the Maestro and good wishes to the musician who created a countless number of great melodies, many of which have become global hits.

      Your holiday Igor Krutoy celebrated with family and close friends, inviting them to the party in the capital of Monaco Monte Carlo. Kind words during the celebration sounded from the lips of his beloved wife celebrity Olga Krutoy and his daughters. Judging by the photos in Instagram, Victoria Steep, step-daughter of the famous composer, whom he raised as his own daughter, were also able to attend this evening. A young mother published a picture in which a visible festive table decorated with white roses.

      Among the guests of the festive evening was the famous singer Nikolai Baskov. It is known that the singer-Igor Krutoy, very friendly. Baskov was even entrusted with the leading role of the wedding of the son of the famous composer Nikolai Steep, which took place in June last year. The son of Igor Krutoy was married in the suburban Golf club

      Nikolay Baskov has published in the microblog photo, which created a furor amongst his followers and fans of Igor Krutoy. In the picture in the company of his father and Nikolai Baskov sealed, the youngest daughter of the composer Alexander. “On the birthday of the Maestro with his daughter! Dear Igor Yakovlevich all the best and fulfillment of the most incredible dreams!” – signed the popular singer.

      Subscribers Baskov immediately noted how much recently changed the successor of Igor Krutoy, turning from a child to a lovely young girl. Alexander, who is only 13 years old, the growth with his famous dad and is almost its copy.

      “The girl grew up and got prettier”, “the daughter is – beautiful”, “Alexander at his father look like”, “Very beautiful”, – said fans of Igor Krutoy.

      It is worth noting that the famous composer – not just a happy father, but and grandpa twice. The eldest granddaughter Christine gave him a son Nicholas, and the younger demi rose – Vika Steep, the daughter of the second wife of Maestro Olga. The heirs of Maestro are friendly with each other and maintain a cordial relationship with the father and with each other.

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