Игорь Крутой раскрыл истинную причину развода The famous composer had to recall the unpleasant details of the past. After a painful breakup, he tried to warn their children from mistakes. Lera Kudryavtseva was forced to answer Igor Krutoy uncomfortable questions.

      Игорь Крутой раскрыл истинную причину развода

      4 September on NTV starts a provocative game show “the Secret million dollar. Leading the new program was Lera Kudryavtseva. The first hero who dared to part with their secrets, became a famous composer Igor Krutoy. First, the musician answered simple questions of the presenter. He remembered a lot about what kind of flowers gave the mother-in acquaintance, who was his first love, kind of music played on Superdiskoteka in school.

      But when the leader asked the question to 90 thousand rubles, he changed countenance, because we are talking about a failed first marriage composer. Igor Krutoy had to tell sensational details about the painful breakup with his first wife Helen.

      “I loved her very much,” said the composer. – She’s not me”. However, the mother Cool standing backstage, said that it was not the only cause of the collapse of family life. “Money he didn’t have, so she has gone,” said Svetlana Semenovna.
      Игорь Крутой раскрыл истинную причину развода

      As it turned out in further conversation, Cool after a bad experience tried to warn his son from a fatal error. For example, he forced Nicholas to part with one of his girlfriends, because he decided that she was no match for him. Igor Yakovlevich learned that some of the family members passion abused drugs. The son asked his father a time for reflection, all weighed up and broke up with my girlfriend.

      However, after divorce the life is Cool worked out for the best. More than 20 years he was happily married with his beautiful Olga. After their wedding in 1995 he began to take the composer on a national stage, and money difficulties has receded.

      As recognized Kudryavtseva, for its programme, it will engage the participant’s choice show in conjunction with the producers. Despite the fact that many of the characters have developed very warm relations with the presenter, she will have to ask them uncomfortable questions.

      “The artists that will be coming to my Studio, mostly my friends. I know them personally, we communicate for many years. The format of the program involves sensitive matters that I at times uncomfortable voice. But, if an artist agrees to participate in our program, then he is ready. I take myself in hand and transgressed to the provocative conversation. If I feel comfortable with? No, it’s not comfortable,” said Lehr.

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