Игорь Крутой требует больше отечественной музыки на радио

The famous Russian producer and composer Igor Krutoy called on MPs to initiate a law that would have regulated the number of Russian and foreign music on the radio of the Russian Federation. About the composer said during the youth forum “Tauris”, held in Crimea.

Cool believes that this law is timely and could help to Express themselves to young talented musicians who have virtually no chance today to declare itself a wide audience. He also hopes that the air will be more songs of classic singers, which are nearly forgotten in recent times.
Iosif Prigozhin, who also attended the forum, supported his colleague and added that such a law of musical regulation would help to preserve a cultural tradition.
“If even one percent of the time on our radio stations was devoted to Russian folk music, it was already good, it would help us to preserve their cultural tradition,” he said.

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