Igor Krutoy put for the debts of the apartment

Игоря Крутого выставили за долги из квартиры The composer is one of the most popular and highly paid musicians of the country. He has property in America and Moscow, but so well-off, Igor Yakovlevich was not always the case. Now he remembers with a smile about the hungry times.

A few decades Igor Krutoy is one of the most successful and wealthy composers of the country. In his honor, held recitals with the participation of Russian pop stars. In housing it does not need, he owns real estate in Russia and abroad.

However, it was not always so, early in his career, the musician simply didn’t have to pay for the rented apartment. It drove the owners for the debts, and then he could easily get to the police station.

“In our time it was hard even just to get to the city of Moscow and to obtain the registration to here officially to exist, and the district took in office. The first apartment I rented on the Water stadium, then do not pay on time, and kicked me out,” recalled Cool.

In the end, was Cool on the street. The musician decided to rent an apartment with another struggling artist Alexander Serov.

“At the Kuznetsk bridge, he and I rented an apartment. And then Yevgeny Leonov and Valentina Tolkunova asked in the Executive Committee, and they gave me a room in three-room communal apartment. It was my first own flat at River station. Her neighbor, an elderly woman, had two rooms. One of them took Sasha Serov. And then to me from Ukraine to Moscow, the mother arrived. And then it so happened that the apartment in which I got a room in a communal apartment, after the death of the only neighbor was fully mine. And I kopeck piece. Eventually moved to Moscow and my sister,” said the composer.

Cool admitted that sometimes he did not have enough money even for food. Despite the fact that he worked nights, he didn’t have enough money.

“It was, ranging from housing problems and ending many others. We worked nights, but money is not always enough even for a taxi to drive home and we walked. Had to save on food, products, dumplings and sausages. But then, slowly, slowly, slowly – everything fell into place,” said Igor Yakovlevich.

Cool noted that the success was a long time, so the head is from the popularity he is not spinning.”Probably, if not passed this vital resistance, maybe nothing would have happened. If then told me that everything will work out, as it is now, I would not have believed”, – said the musician in an interview with the newspaper “Big city”.