Igor Krutoy provoked rumors of a serious illness

Игорь Крутой спровоцировал слухи о тяжелой болезни
The appearance of the musician concerned fans.

Игорь Крутой спровоцировал слухи о тяжелой болезни

Igor Krutoy with her daughter Victoria

Photo: @Instagram victoriakrut Victoria Cool

Fans of Igor Krutoy seriously worried for the health of your favorite artist. The reason for their concern lies in the fact that recently the composer lost a lot of weight and began to look, in their view, painful.

Igor Krutoy and Igor Nikolaev

Netizens suspect that slimming Igor can be associated with severe disease. “Cool it hurts? Looks does not matter,” “Oh, how exhausted… Age or health problems?”, “Something Igor passed much…”, “You good Health!” — we turn to artist fans on social networks. In February of this year Igor was conducted in America the operation, however, the musician claimed that it was planned.

However, perhaps fans wonder “sounding the alarm”. Igor continues to work in full force, that definitely indicates the absence of diseases that threaten life. In early June, was held the final of the international competition “Children’s New wave”, the owner of which is itself Cool. He also, incidentally, performed at the competition as a member of the jury. Sodeystvovat Oleg Gazmanov, Lev Leshchenko, Julianna Karaulov and others. By the way, this year the winners of this competition were from two participants. Anahit Adamyan from Armenia and Arina Petrova of Russia shared the first place.