Игорь Крутой помогает сыну с новорожденным ребенком Recently, the composer has once again become a grandfather. On the date of birth of baby Margaret. Igor Krutoy is in awe of girls and is trying to pay her much attention. The son of a famous musician talked about how to pass the first days of life of my daughter.

      Игорь Крутой помогает сыну с новорожденным ребенком

      Recently, the 62-year-old composer for the third time became a grandfather – his oldest son, businessman Nikolay Krutoy and his wife Julia had a daughter who was named Margaret. The baby was born in the CDB Manager of the Russian President.

      “Not so long ago we moved to a country house, so it was convenient to be followed, and to give birth in this hospital, – has shared with “StarHit” Nicholas. – I was present at birth, it wasn’t scary, not that first time. I drove only for 10 minutes at the end of the process. Of course, I first took his daughter in his arms – warmed under the lamps, until it washed nurse-midwives, helped to swaddle”.

      While the baby is sleeping in the crib in the parents ‘ room, but the Coolest already done to make specially for her nursery done –like repairing the house as a whole, young family helped Igor Yakovlevich.

      “Dad came to the hospital in labor, some hours later, – continues Nikolay. – Said the girl is very beautiful. Come into the room and asks: “so how’s nick?” My wife was almost killed! We’re at the moment still undecided, how do we call the daughter. Was deciding between Veronica and Margarita – and in the end, a week after observing her behavior, he decided that the latter is still more suitable. She is dark, calm, not whiny, wakes up and opens one eye – funny that.
      Игорь Крутой помогает сыну с новорожденным ребенком

      To raise a daughter and spouse, Nicholas and Julia help parents nanny until they decided not to take. “Mama wife made a heroic act – came out of retirement to spending time with granddaughter,” smiles the son of a Steep. – Dad, too, often comes calling, in General, actively interested in the early success of the crumbs.”

      We will remind, Igor Yakovlevich older two granddaughters, six – year-old Christina, from his first marriage and nine-month-old son Demi rose’s daughter Victoria. By the way, the heiress of the artist quickly came into shape after the first childbirth. Vika Krutaya was able to boast results weight loss after a couple of weeks after the birth of her baby. Fans of the young women say that looks great, and motherhood did not affect her figure. Victoria Cool undressed in front of the camera

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