Igor Krutoy gave 2 million

Игорь Крутой подарил 2 миллиона
The composer surprised everyone with her decision in the finale of the show “Battle of talents”.

Igor Krutoy

Photo: personal archive

the biggest music reality project this summer on Muz-TV “Battle
of talents”. 8 issues of this intense struggle between the best
singers aged 10 to 15 years. In the final “beat” for the victory and
the prize in 1 million roubles 11-year-old Maria Mirow team Mband and
13-year-old Milan Pavlov from the team of Ani Lorak. Competition developed
not only between the contestants, but also between the mentors. Of course,
each of them wanted the party from their team won
win. But what happened during the announcement of the results cast a
shock is not only directing the group and mentors, but first and foremost,
finalists. The decision of the Chairman of the jury project of composer Igor Krutoy
was a real surprise for everyone.

the first season of “Battle of talents” become Milan
Pavlova-voiced badass, and …Maria Mirow, ‘ he said. — Moreover, I took
the decision that the prize will not be divided between the winners and the amount
the prize will be doubled and each will receive 1 million rubles for further
promotion. You are incredibly talented and wish you both received
your chance!”

only the finalists will receive further support from the Academy of Popular
Music Igor Krutoy, but other cast members, 5 of them already
decided to create a group “DACHA”, which made its debut in the final project.