Igor Gordin talked about the crisis in relations with Yulia Menshovoj

Игорь Гордин рассказал о кризисе в отношениях с Юлией Меньшовой
Husband star calls breakup with TV presenter most difficult period in your life.

Igor Gordin and Yulia Menshova

Photo: Yury Feklistov

The film “Love and pigeons” became a cult is not by accident. The storyline in this film is true to life, like happen in reality. And,
as it turned out, some such situations arise in the lives of celebrities. Yuliya Menshova
recalled that when she and her husband Igor Gordin after a breakup get back together, you hid your affair from their own children than
reminded of the main characters of Soviet films.

Recently Igor Gordin said
about the long crisis in relations with his wife, who, he said, was one of the most
heavy periods in his life. Julia and Igor had to try to
to save the marriage. Gordin believes that in any relationship there needs to be
concessions and finding compromises.

“It was a tough experience indeed. But it helped somehow
you look at the situation in the family and begin to appreciate the relationship, every
minute, lived together, told Gordin womanhit.ru. — When you lose,
understand the value loss. Ten years have passed, time has smoothed.
The only thing I can tell you, marriage requires effort, mental work. Sometimes it is necessary
little to infringe, to give, to take, to help. Not
all the time to demand attention”.