Иглесиас закрутил роман с 19-летней копией Курниковой
My darling brother is also a musician of Russian descent.

Miguel and Daniel

Spanish journalists reported new love brother Enrique
Iglesias Miguel. We are talking about a rather unexpected Alliance: a 20-year-old relative
the artist had an affair with 19-year-old student at the University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Obolewicz. Have a charming blonde Russian roots, although she lives in

It’s amazing how Daniel looks similar to
beloved Enrique Anna kournikova. Moreover, she plays tennis! You know,
the girl leads a healthy lifestyle and enjoy studying Economics with
specialization in art history.

As it became known to the Spanish reporters, Obolewicz
met Iglesias in Florida. Miguel Iglesias flaunts
his personal life. In one of his interviews his famous father Julio said
son “very amorous, swift and discreet.” Until recently
the fan of young, but already very good marriage could only
guess who he’s seeing.

Miguel was born in the marriage of Julio Iglesias and Miranda
Rijnsburger, who became the second wife of a celebrity. The couple has five
children – Rodrigo, Miguel Alejandro, Victoria, Christina and Guillermo. First wife
the artist was a journalist and model Isabel Preysler. Their wedding took place in
1971. From this marriage he has three children – Maria Isabel, Julio
Iglesias Jr. and Enrique. In 1979, preisler filed for divorce, according to Hola.