Игги Азалия продолжила выступ после приступа танцовщицы

Yesterday Iggy Azalea made the show at the stadium in Rio de Janeiro. During the execution of the hit Black Widow one of the dancers fainted. Instead of having to stop the performance, Iggy only actively began to dance and to play the track. The community is in shock!

Some time after the fall of the dancers in a swoon artist, dancing, asked about the status of the girl, and asked to call the medics. Iggy continued to sing while the girl was convulsing. Just then the music stopped and the artist concerned about the state of the dancer.

This behavior Iggy could not cause a wave of negative user. Many have condemned the actress for disrespect to his team! But she immediately rebuffed. “Guys, my dancer is all right now. She lost consciousness due to the heat,” explained the singer in storis on instagram. His strange behavior artist justified by the fact that just do not understand why the dancer fell. Iggy felt that it was a simple fall or a sprained ankle, and therefore not stopped speaking, then to call the medics. However, this is not many were convinced, and the barrage of negativity continued. The artist, the situation is very hurt: “I’m tired of the whole world! Whether you are looking for a reason to tell me that I’m the shit, my music is shit, my clothes are disgusting, I’m scum and General bad man!” In addition, Iggy asked everyone to be kinder, after all, just can’t stand constant negativity.

Recall that Iggy is not the first time faced with negativity in their favor. In Edom from an earlier interview the actress said that all the negativity to her work was triggered by the fact that she is a woman! “Hip-hop culture inherent sexism. About Macklemore, for example, nobody speaks like me. I’m one hundred thousand percent sure it’s because I’m female.
Most likely, jealous. I – Caucasian Australian women have achieved good results and fame in the hip-hop music. View: the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Eminem wrote and write “black” music, but they were never criticized so” outraged Iggy.

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