Iftodi threw a tantrum because Madame Odintsov

Ифтоди устроила истерику из-за Одинцовой Ex fiancee of Boris Nemtsov does not want to hear about his civil wife. Catherine, iftode unpleasant flattering words to the women whose children policies recognized during his lifetime. With indignation she was unable to cope with the emotions and left the Studio program “Let them talk”.
Ифтоди устроила истерику из-за Одинцовой

Last week it became known that Catherine iftode were able to prove in court the paternity of Boris Nemtsov. Now she intends to give his son Bore the name of a prominent politician. Son of Catherine, iftode claim a fabulous inheritance of Boris Nemtsov

Catherine admits that it took her two and a half years in order to restore justice. Previously, she talked about the fact that the birth certificate of the boy in the “father” was blank. According to her, the Germans promised to recognize the son after some time. Iftodi been difficult to achieve expertise, as relatives, including the ex-wives wanted to help her in this matter. Today she came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about the difficult struggle for truth.

Experts said that Catherine was to blame for the difficulties of establishing paternity because she did not insist on Boris immediately recognized the child and specified in the documents your name. Actress Jeanne Epple, a friend of one of the civilian women Nemtsov Catherine Odintsov, put it in an example, Iftodi.

“Why Boris Nemtsov acknowledged children of Katy Odnizovo because Katya Odintsova was a lady, very proud and worthy woman,” said the artist.
Ифтоди устроила истерику из-за Одинцовой

Then in the program showed a video in which Ekaterina Odintsova told about the relationship of Boris with their children. Iftodi broke down and went backstage where I waited for her three year old son and mother. She did not hide from the public that annoy her talking about the former civil wife. Parent, iftode also had a low opinion of a businesswoman, and did not hesitate in expressions.

“He did not recognize, did not, as much as possible! To Kate, I have nothing, it’s Katina’s life. Yes, her children admitted she had, but this is my must have app, let’s talk about the son! said Iftodi Dmitry Borisov behind the scenes. – Should be a win, I was coming to this. Maybe win some imaginary”.
Ифтоди устроила истерику из-за Одинцовой

Catherine returned to the Studio, where they continued to discuss the difficult situation. Woman it’s a shame that the mother of her dead lover doesn’t want to communicate with her grandson. Only a cousin of the policy came in order to meet folks.

Ифтоди устроила истерику из-за Одинцовой“I am very sincerely belong to the mother, want her your mother’s heart thrown doubts. Dina Yakovlevna, heart will prompt you whether to communicate, to recognize,” asked Catherine.