If did not give birth: Julia Kovalchuk admired figure in three weeks after giving birth

Будто не рожала: Юлия Ковальчук восхитила фигурой через три недели после родов
The actress first came to light after the birth of a daughter.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk

Julia Kovalchuk on the eve of the first long parted with his little daughter, born 13 Oct. The baby was left at home with the assistants for a special occasion: the singer’s husband, Alexey Chumakov, was held in the capital of the grandiose concert, devoted to skip that Julia was not.

For Kovalchuk concert wife was the first release after giving birth. “It all came together — my first long departure from home (for me, 4 hours was very long) and just an incredible concert my husband! — said Julia. Is space! Will soon join the job and make you and music together!”

To do this, the artist has set up life with a small child. On the performance Chumakov she came in a dress with a floral print and worn over a trendy velvet jacket. Although things are chosen by Julia, and was quite boxy, fans noticed that the singer is almost back to perfect “prenatal” form. Now she looks very slim and basks in the compliments of fans. “I didn’t expect to have returned to form, and you reminded me of that!” — modestly remarked Julia.

Soon Kovalchuk will come out of maternity leave and then care for the daughter, whose name is yet hidden, will fall on the shoulders of a nanny. Now Yulia hedging her mother. Recall that the fans were expecting the birth of a child of Julia and Alexey ten years. Meanwhile, Chumakov recently explained that for a long time they had not even thought about child birth. The realization that the house should receive the baby, came to spouses not too long ago.