Idris Elba has clarified reports about the affair with Madonna

Идрис Эльба прояснил сообщения о романе с Мадонной

44-year-old actor and musician Idris Elba recently quite often attributed to novels with prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

Earlier media reports discussed the possibility of relations of the British with the “Panther” Naomi Campbell, but now, according to press reports, Idris meets 58-year-old Madonna.

Rumors about the relationship of this unusual pair appeared in September, when they are not ashamed of anyone passionately kissing at a party in one of restaurants of London.

As told by the informant and eyewitness of the events to the press, Idris and Madonna stayed at the party only an hour and all this time was exceptionally passionate about each other.

They came to a place about three o’clock in the morning and went together in just an hour later, once ignited on the dance floor and endlessly kissed.

Numerous headlines about the affair with Madonna Elba doesn’t like because he decided to dot the I and on his Twitter page commented on the reports: “if I Sleep with Madonna? No, [dear readers]… don’t believe the lies,” wrote Elba (orig. – Am I sleeping with Madonna? No motherfuckers… Don’t believe the Hype).