Идина Мензель, Кристен Белл и Джонатан Грофф одеваются в образы своих персонажей с Джеймсом Корденом

The actors seems to have been an explosion of emotions when they filmed a parody that is likely to start right before the release of “Cold heart-2” on November 22!
“Cold heart” comes to life, and we live for this! 48-year-old Idina Menzel, 39-year-old Kristen bell and 34-year-old Jonathan groff was spotted in his iconic characters from the animated film to the stage for “Late show with James Korden”. The trio gave their votes to the popular Disney movie of 2013, which based on tale of Hans Christian Anderson’s “the snow Queen”, where Idina is the leading Elsa, Kristen — spirited younger sister, Anna, and Jonathan the handsome Kristoff!

Идина Мензель, Кристен Белл и Джонатан Грофф одеваются в образы своих персонажей с Джеймсом Корденом
In the pictures of Idina in the iconic blue dress of Elsa and braided blond hair, and Kristen in her signature braids, Anna! However, the 41-year-old James Corden stole the show as the next Elsa, and we don’t think you’ve seen how someone looks. Some other pictures of Idina reappears as a faithful friend Kristoff, Sven, reindeer, and James, it seems, takes a fake snow machine… whatever happens, we can’t wait to see it on the screen!
The photos are in anticipation of the highly anticipated film “the Cold heart-2”, which opens in cinemas on November 22. Idina, Kristen and Jonathan perform their roles in the film, which begins three years after the first film. The story begins with the fact that Elsa hears a mysterious voice calling her voice to the North, her sister Anna and their friends go on a journey outside of his homeland, Arendelle, to better understand the magical icy powers of Elsa!

Other actors joining the star lineup, including Sterling K. brown, Jason Ritter and Evan Rachel wood! We can already say that the soundtrack to the sequel will be epic!
James has experience in theatre, was the singer of the Disney film with its popular theme song “Let It Go”. Josh Gad , who voiced the cute snowman Olaf, in 2015, did a monologue with James and presenter sang the song “Love Is A Open Door” in a hilarious car karaoke segment with NBA star by Stef Curry in 2017!

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