IDA Lolo thinking about pregnancy

Ида Лоло задумалась о беременности Talk about the interesting position of IDA Lolo go not the first year, however, until the woman decided to procreate. According to her, she wants children, but until the time comes. The woman was tired of the rumors, so she promised to drop a hint if there is a baby coming.

      Socialite IDA Lolo prefers not to discuss with reporters questions regarding her desire to become a mother. Popular it-girl is irritated, when Internet users see some of the pictures of her rounded tummy. According to IDA, it is not classified as child free people who do not plan to have children. A woman believes that someday will also become a mother.

      Lolo claims that will definitely give sign when I get pregnant. While all IDA communication with children is limited to her meetings with the goddaughter of the wife of Vladimir Kekhman Sofia. Striking blonde was combined by marriage with the Director of the Novosibirsk Opera last weekend. They were married in one of the temples of St. Petersburg. IDA Lolo married for the third time

      According to the famous ladies fashionable parties, every marriage was accompanied by a talk about the pregnancy. Lolo has always explained that it is not so: all of her marriages were made for love. Gradually, the ratio of women to children has changed.

      “I did not cheat, I say honestly: Yes, I want children. Although I confess I long avoided this topic. Until he noticed a curious thing – I have a very changed attitude towards children. I was really happy” – admitted Lolo.

      Now IDA can play a game with the kids friends half the day, and she will be happy. “I understand this is the signal. So ready to his. I’ve lived for myself, and it was violently bright. I don’t regret one minute. But now it’s time for another life,” said the wife of Vladimir Kekhman.

      Lolo is very good friends with Ksenia Sobchak, so were amazed at the changes that occurred in the presenter, when she became pregnant. According to the socialite, her friend now asks all friends where to give birth. Ksenia Sobchak has openly declared an interesting position

      IDA believes that she too will make a good mother. “But that’s not necessary to constantly ask me “when, When?” The indelicate question: “Not pregnant?” I have long answer this way: “I know nothing about it”. This is the correct answer. And honest,” admitted IDA on the pages of Tatler.