IDA Kekhman no longer hide his daughter

Ида Кехман перестала скрывать свою дочь
The spring in the family of the Director of the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre Vladimir Kekhman happy event happened.

Ида Кехман перестала скрывать свою дочь

Spouse of IDA Lolo gave him a daughter Anastasia.

Ида Кехман перестала скрывать свою дочь

All this time in the microblog IDA did not pictures of the baby, but some time ago a young mother apparently decided to stop hiding her daughter from the public.

In his microblog IDA published a photo depicting the woman, her daughter and mother.

“Three generations,” wrote under the young mother.

It is worth noting that Anastasia is the fourth child of Vladimir Kekhman, and after the birth of his daughter, he took maternity leave and decided to spend it with family.

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