Ian Ziering stole the script to get into the TV series “Beverly hills 90210”

Йен Зиринг украл сценарий, чтобы попасть в сериал «Беверли Хиллз 90210″

That just is not going to become famous and to get a role. Actor Ian Ziering, star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210”, admitted in an interview that stole all the scripts to audition for the series to get the role.

Curly blond Steven remember all who are in the 90s I watched the TV series, and who would have thought how the young man got his role.
“That was before the official trial in new York. I really needed a job. I came to the office to pick up the script and prepare for the audition scheduled for the next day. And when I came, I saw, that is a stack of scripts, and there’s nobody there. I took them all and wrote them down in the name of Ben’s Tom donover.
In this highly competitive industry is not yet the case, I think they hired the best of Steve Sanders,” said Ian.
Ziering played the student with 1990 and 2000 for ten setnov the series.
“I think that Steve was real lucky. A spoiled rich kid became a loving husband and successful businessman” told about the character actor.
Yesterday, October 4, Ian, and his colleagues, celebrate the 26 anniversary of the start of the project. All these years Ziering talks with colleagues over the years of filming he became close friends. With Luke Perry (playing Dylan) he’s friends with families and their children are also friends with each other.