Йен Зиринг разводится с женой после 9 лет брака

Йен Зиринг разводится с женой после 9 лет брака

American actor Ian Ziering, who is known worldwide for starring in the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” yesterday officially declared that he is currently going through a divorce with his wife Erin Ludwig, the couple lived together for nine years. About it the actor said on his page on Instagram, he told all the reasons and shared emotions.

The celebrity admitted that he is very sad about this, but the reason was work. Both spouses have a busy schedule that simply does not allow them to spend time together, on this basis, they are very distant and become strangers. However, Ian considers his wife the most stunning lady on the planet and the best mom for their children.

Ziering in his post also appealed to journalists and asked not to make their divorce a great sensation. He really doesn’t want the press went nasty rumours, which he did not elaborate, but rather just hinted at adultery. Ian turned to the entire community with the request not to disturb his family, and just moral support in such a difficult time for them.

Erin Ludwig is a celebrity, she’s working regular nurse at the local clinic, it was there the young people met in 2009. Their period of Dating. lasted for only one year, and Ian has decided that he wants to marry the girl. Their wedding was held in California, the wedding was a great scope. In April 2011 the couple had the first daughter MIA, and after two years a second daughter, Penna.

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