Ian Tirsen: about the exploits of his wife, lives on the island and the new album

Ян Тирсен: о подвигах жены, жизни на острове и новом альбоме
Exclusive interview of the famous French composer for 7days.ru.

Ян Тирсен: о подвигах жены, жизни на острове и новом альбоме

Ian Tirsen

Photo: press service

In Moscow arrives Jan Tirsen— famed world-musician-virtuoso and composer. Very soon he will appear before a Russian audience on stage
The Crocus city Hall in Moscow. This concert will appeal to lovers of
classics in General and minimalism in particular. A celebrity came to Ian when he left the cult French film
“Amelie”, starring starred Audrey totu. The soundtrack, which
specially for this film was written by the composer is so fond of
the wide audience that the song still lives his life and
considered a separate произведением.7days.ru talked with Jan Terenam and was very impressed.

— Jan,
tell us about your second half. What woman agreed to live with you
the island with a population of a few hundred people?

Emily and full understanding. She is also a musician (played under
alias Tiny Feet), and loves Biking as I am. I can’t do without her at all…
She doesn’t mind Islands at all Emily from the edges, from Brittany. Incidentally, we
and married Wassana, I even dressed in traditional Breton costume. Emily
in a white dress with a corset.

— What prompted her to move to your almost
desert island?

— Wessun beautiful!?

— Why did you decide to move to the island?

— When I first got on Wesson many years ago, I
decided that this is the best place on Earth. And still think so. Then a few people,
a couple of thousand, probably. And a lot of animals. Everything is different from the big city
and people too, of course. Then different people. We often come to people from big
cities — it is important to be in touch with nature, return to it, I would even say —
this is generally the way to survive. There are many old buildings, very beautiful
Church. Feel the connection of times. So I’m just nowhere else to live can not
don’t want except wassana. I over the years even the Breton language have learnt it here
say. And I just “dry” learned, talking to people.

— You can call yourself a reserved person? You
a lot of friends?

— I’m not an indoor person, I have a lot of friends.
Musicians and non-musicians. I love them. But on our island we with its neighbors as one
big family.

— Tell us about your house. What is it?

— Old stone, as many houses here.

Whether you love to travel? Tour depart from
a light heart?

— I love to travel, especially by bike.
It’s my favorite leisure activities. On the island I’m riding all the time. Somehow my wife
made a trip to the States. That would be the time traveled would be the globe on the bike!
Concerts are fine too, communication with the public is necessary. The audience is always different,
and we need to get together with her. The scene is generally very good and needs a life

Recording your new album took place in Studio
Abbey Road. You feel the magic of the place?

— Abbey Road I wanted and got pretty
accidentally. Just the Studio chose my record company, which released
album Eusa. I was then in London, and Abbey Road was the only
close to my apartment Studio with a decent piano. There are even two of them. In
huge room. Abbey Road was really a very good Studio
special. Moreover, she even changed the album. In the room where I play on
the piano, was a strong natural reverb – and all the pieces sounded
different. I enjoyed it very much.

— Russia is the country in which…

I don’t know (laughs). There are people, Moscow,
Saint Petersburg, music… they were born of Stravinsky and Prokofiev!

— You play some great many
tools. What do you plan to play on 1 November at the concert in the Crocus city
The hall?

In this tour I play the piano, violin, melodica and
a toy piano. How many tools you own — itself not exactly
say. Then, not all I know very well childhood professional I
taught to play only the piano and violin. Then I decided to play guitar and began to play
the electric guitar… I just usually pick up the idea. Think:
why this phrase is not to play on that? Well, master, composing and playing.

Ian Tirsen

Photo: press service