Ian Somerhalder wrote a love message to his wife after the birth of her daughter

Иэн Сомерхолдер написал любовное сообщение своей жене после рождения дочери

Former star of the popular series “the vampire Diaries” Ian Somerhalder wrote for his wife in Instagram message, where he expressed all his love on Monday, after the birth of their daughter Bodhi Salts reed Somerhalder.

Иэн Сомерхолдер написал любовное сообщение своей жене после рождения дочери

The actor put up a photo of the cover of “Fit Pregnancy and Baby” which sported his lovely wife Nikki reed already with a big belly. He added another photo from the same photo shoot for the magazine, where the star of “Twilight” flaunts a situation free of the monotonous dress. The actor left a touching caption under this selection of photos, from which fans will long to be touched: “I Decided to write a message in haste, for you, my beautiful wife,” he began, Somerhalder his love confession. “You’re peacefully asleep in the other side of the room after was a great mom all night, so will read you this message only when I Wake up.”

The pair met their beautiful daughter Bodhi Salts, reed, Somerhalder at 10:26 on Tuesday, July 25, which was confirmed by the publication of People using the birth certificate of the baby.

Иэн Сомерхолдер написал любовное сообщение своей жене после рождения дочери

Looking at these photos, I remember those 9 wonderful months, when you sacrificed your existence for what would have to raise a baby. Goodness, beauty and naturalness of these photos makes me really proud.” says Somerhalder about his feelings that he had looking at pictures of his pregnant wife.

The couple announced their happiness in May, putting the same posts on Instagram. The couple put up a photo where This gently kisses the belly of his beloved. “Hi sweetie. I know you, but only because they feel. As it is already possible to love someone so much?” 29-year-old Twilight star has signed your photo.

“You brought so much joy and so much power in our lives being pregnant, but as well, you just showed the word “sexy” during pregnancy, we all see it,” continues the actor about his beloved wife. “Thank you for being my partner in this life and thank you for the inspiration to not only me but also everyone else who reads, hears or sees what your soul gives us.”

Reid recently graced the cover of the magazine Fit Pregnancy and Babywhere told readers about how she and Somerhalder were preparing for the birth of the baby. Nikki also told about the month of “silence” that the couple will take after the birth of a child.

“The first month of the baby we take for themselves,” said the actress. “Just the three of us, no guests, and no phones, so no opportunities for communication… These first 30 days will not return, so we want to be together with the baby, not only physically, but also showers.”

Also, Somerhalder told the publication People like taking care of eight little kittens helped him prepare for the role of the father. “I learned to smile even removing the stool,” said Ian.

“Wake up in the middle of the night to feed from a bottle eight little kittens that would die without you, gives you the notion on how to care about someone whose existence rests on you,” said the actor about his everyday life in caring for the kittens. “This is a very special thing. Great course for beginners fathers.”