Йен Макшейн рекомендует ждать от «Игры престолов» обнаженки и драконов, а не сюжета

Ian McShane was a real enemy of “Game of thrones”. British actor virtually nullified the attempts of the creators of the show not to talk about the plot of the sixth season, telling the main events of the new series. Spoiler, we will not, but because of the revelation of McShane the new season about to tell you will not.

Note, that in an interview with the BBC he described his hero in such detail that revealed almost the entire plot, including announced that will play gone to the monastery of the knight in the book of John. Martin’s name is Older brother. He intended to revive supposedly dead Sandor Clegane (Rory McCann).

Йен Макшейн рекомендует ждать от «Игры престолов» обнаженки и драконов, а не сюжета

Despite such revelations to the press about the sixth season, spoileron (so let’s call the McShane) finds that he’s actually not said anything new,”Just say the phrase crystal clear the whole Internet starts to rampage. I was accused that I gave up the plot, but I think it’s time to stop with him to go running”. Ian further added that the whole series is based on the “nudity and dragons”, so no supernova secrets he did not disclose.

However, to assess which side was right, we will be able very soon. The premiere of the sixth season will be held on April 24.

It is noteworthy that the anticipation of the premiere creators of “Game of thrones” fans are doing for an increasingly interesting.

The people of new York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco will be able to see dragons (more precisely, their 3D projection), familiar from episodes of the series.

A major campaign timed to the release of the fifth season of “Game of thrones” on blu-ray from 15 March, the residents of some U.S. cities will be able to see the traces of destruction, allegedly left by the dragons Regalim, Drogan and Viserion.

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