Иэн Маккеллен возмутил уральского правозащитника

Whether you’re a regular person or a star of world scale, getting to the Urals, kindly follow the rules of the region, especially if we are talking about publicly demonstrating your dependence. So, the Ural human rights activist Dmitry Rozhin require police of the Sverdlovsk region to understand the offense, which has made British actor Ian Mackellen. Rojin demanded to give a legal assessment of the actions of the stars, namely, to bring him to justice for Smoking at the entrance to the airport of Yekaterinburg.

I was surprised by the police response. Why they look at it through your fingers? Well, he is a foreign citizen and what? I regularly participate in various administrative proceedings that are initiated by the watchful police and are constantly surprised when our valiant police officers for a very little fit with exceptional integrity. At the same time, constantly for well-known personalities are sometimes exceptions, however respecting the laws of the Russian Federation especially in the territory of the Russian Federation must be made by all, including the security forces themselves”, — was indignant in his statement Rozhin.


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