Я не вернусь: Земфира распродает недвижимость в Уфе

Wishing to live in the apartment of a rock star will have to pay about 4-5 million rubles.

In Ufa agencies for the sale of apartments from the early morning broken phones. In the Internet appeared the information that its estate in the capital of Bashkortostan is freed, a well known rock singer Zemfira…

Ads on specialized sites not yet discovered. But journalists managed to find out what we are talking about “the room” located in the area – Chernikovka. The property belonged to the parents of the singer. Moreover, Zemfira she gave them an apartment many years ago, the first large fees, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The issue price is known only approximately. According to experts, it is about $ 4 – 5 million rubles. Of course, a little expensive, but to brag about previous owners can be a lifetime. And for this and do not mind overpaying!

Fans, meanwhile, already arguing about why their famous compatriot decided to get rid of real estate in Ufa. Both the existing versions, however, have the right to exist.

The apartment is on the Chernikovka is empty since 2015. Then tragically passed away mom Zemfira. Rumor has it that the singer doesn’t want to go back there, because walls cause her painful memories.

On the other hand, the artist no longer lives in Bashkiria (according to some information, the singer has an apartment in Moscow, Frunzenskaya embankment, total area of 85 m2), and therefore to keep real estate in Ufa is just unreasonable.

By the way, the media write that the ownership of the singer also is a country house and a plot of land near Ufa. And here is how they decided to dispose of the singer, the reporters could not figure out.

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