“I want a man like Putin”: the video from Kazan wins the Internet

«Хочу такого, как Путин»: видеоролик из Казани покоряет интернет

A video in which street musicians perform a song about the President of the country, has gained nearly 90 thousand views.

A video in which street musicians perform with the girl song “Such as Putin” has already been viewed nearly 90 million times.

Judging by the video, the girl just passed by and asked me to accompany her. Suddenly, the speech gathered to watch a large number of passers-by, and now enjoy the result, and Internet users.

Musicians – the ensemble of “Hot spot”, already familiar to readers Wday – 1 April they played in the Big Concert hall skit RT in the Kazan state chamber orchestra La Primavera. In addition, the boys play in the youth orchestra of the “Theatre at Bulak”, and judging from their page on the popular social network, can arrange a holiday at least for a large elegant wedding, or in an ordinary apartment.

And the girl, her name is dilara Umarov, was an employee of the KZN broadcaster, producer and presenter of the program “Evidence”, and a soloist team Black Jack:

– I just ran for Bauman, in the Ring, shopping. The boys stood under the awning because it was raining. While around them gathered quite a large crowd of students and some of them danced. It’s inspired me! I’m always for creative experiment, and asked to play along and they agreed. We’re with the band “Hot spot” up to this point were not acquainted, but I certainly heard about them. Here is met!

By the way, April 22 is coming to Kazan Vladimir Putin at a meeting on holding the ice hockey world championship in 2018.

— Yes? Thank you, that said, I didn’t know about it, – said dilara.

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