“I Wake up early in the morning and see how she is sleeping”: the love story of Andrei Malakhov and Natalia Shkuleva

«Я просыпаюсь рано утром и смотрю, как она спит»: история любви Андрея Малахова и Натальи Шкулевой The couple first became parents. Andrey Malakhov announced the birth of the baby. Now TV host and chief editor of the project “StarHit” with his wife Natalia Shkuleva accept congratulations.
«Я просыпаюсь рано утром и смотрю, как она спит»: история любви Андрея Малахова и Натальи Шкулевой

In early June 2011, the presenter and chief editor of the project “StarHit” Andrei Malakhov married the brand Director and publisher of the Russian version of the glossy magazine ELLE Natalia Shkuleva. For six years the couple are happy with each other. Today it became known that they first became parents.

Andrey Malakhov became the first father

The pair met in the walls of the publishing house Hearst Shkulev Media. On the pages of the magazine “StarHit” Malakhov told me that usually he took lunch with them, and on that fateful day went to the dining room, where she met Shkulev. Natalia admits that it was a classic office romance. However, a first date really surprised Shkulev – it started with dinner on the train and ended up in a rather unusual rendezvous spot.

“He calls me and says: “will You go with me?” I ask: “Where?” “It’s a surprise. Meet in an hour at Paveletskaya”. Come, as arranged, at the station, and there I was already waiting for Andrew flowers. The date was late spring, I had a Chanel jacket, nice pants, legs ballet shoes. We go to ST, and in our coupe candles Jo Malone and covered with a “table” with French wine and cheese. Where goes this train, I still didn’t know. We talked all night long! So began our first date. And then we really were in Bryansk, in the men’s colony, where Andrew was filming a television program,” the shared memories Natalia.

The fourth of October 2010, the broadcaster made an offer hands and hearts beloved. For this, he chose one of the most fashionable restaurants in new York city. Shkuleva were told that Malakhov got down on his knee and presented the ring. This act of a loved one touched Natalia to tears. After she accepted the offer, all guests and waiters applauded the pair. “And then began the unimaginable — we all started dancing on tables, and champagne flowed freely,” said brand Director of ELLE magazine.

The lovers were married on the fourth of June 2011. That day they did not hold a big celebration, but cost a modest family dinner. A big feast the newly-made husband and wife arranged a little later – on the 13th at Versailles. The couple love to travel around, and therefore decided to hold the ceremony in one of the most beautiful places on earth – Palace in France. The ceremony was attended by only relatives and closest friends and colleagues of the couple. Natalia looked flawless in a white wedding dress.

Three days in Venice

Chief editor of the “StarHit” loves wife – he admits that it changed his life.

“I Wake up early in the morning and see how she sleeps. My face breaks into a smile and I gently caress her hair, which for three days the sea has managed to fade in the sun. I like everything in it: kindness, taste, her ability to hear and listen, tenderness and independence,” – said Malakhov.

Despite the fact that the couple loves each other, Natalia still have to put up with drawbacks of a spouse. “Andrew punctuality. I struggle with this, but I understand that it is useless. To be late at least half an hour — for him it’s business as usual,” admitted shkuleva.

Briefly: relatives of Andrei Malakhov opened the unknown facts about him

In early August of this year it became known that the spouses are waiting for the firstborn. About Malakhov announced on the pages of the magazine “StarHit”.

“But today, the most popular newspaper in our family – “Happy parents” and conversations revolve around children, said the broadcaster. – Last time we discussed how a series of educational cartoon “Child. Einstein” it is better to introduce babies, – Baby da Vinci, ready to send baby to a musical trip from the top of his head to the soles of the feet, or be confined to live under the promising title “Baby Shakespeare”?

Natalia always and everywhere support a spouse. Despite the fact that shkuleva was pregnant, she came to the shooting of the first program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” to see with their own eyes the beginning of the work of presenter on the channel “Russia-1”. Why my wife cried in the Studio “Live”

The material used fragments of an interview with ELLE.