“I unwittingly predicted his death”: the memoirs of journalist about Victor tsoe

«Я невольно предсказал его гибель»: воспоминания журналиста о Викторе Цое Mikhail Sadchikov, who personally knew the rocker, he remembered, how was their first meeting and told that the accident had foreseen the tragedy that occurred on 15 August 1990. According to the journalist, Choi could find themselves in other art forms, if not had an accident in 28 years.
«Я невольно предсказал его гибель»: воспоминания журналиста о Викторе Цое

Today, 21 June, musician and poet Viktor Tsoi would have turned 55 years old. “StarHit” talked to the famous St. Petersburg music journalist Mikhail Sadchikov, who personally knew the rocker. He spoke about modesty, the stars, the first meeting with him and remembered how unwittingly predicted the tragedy.

Last love Tsoi against the film, which is removed about it

The first meeting

“The first time I saw and heard Tsoi at the home of Boris Grebenschikov – he invited me to chat and set the entry then-new group “Cinema”. Now few people remember, but that Grebenshchikov, you can say opened the world of Choi. Not to say that this entry made a great impression on me, I said to myself, only a strong desire hits – that is, the musicians he was looking for some shock moments, phrases, rhythmic and poetic. But the mere fact that BG himself drew attention to them, gave them great hopes and, of course, became instantly known in rock circles.

On stage the first time I saw Choi at the Leningrad rock club, where he played with the band “Kino”.

There is already the feeling was much stronger – from Tsoi was an incredible energy, he was tall, strong, athletic, springy. But even then I didn’t have the feeling that in front of me a musician, many decades after will remember.

At the time music journalism in the official press, except for me, no one did – although there were many self-publishing – some semblance of the current blogs. And when after the concert I went to Choi and asked for an interview, he agreed. Then he seemed to me a very modest, quiet, withdrawn, and we chatted.


«Я невольно предсказал его гибель»: воспоминания журналиста о Викторе Цое

Soon after, he came to me in the newspaper “Change” on the Fontanka. Came with his friend and guitarist “Cinema” Yuri Kasparian. The interview was quite difficult and took place in a rigid format “question – answer”, so both of them superfluous word could not draw. We talked about released the album, support the BG about what happened and did not happen at the concert… No ambitious and far-reaching plans to conquer the rock-space did the guys just had a burning desire to play better and show their music, how they felt, what it could be.

Subsequently I several times did the Choi interview and even when “Movie” has been actively touring, then returning to Leningrad, Victor willingly responded to my calls on the home phone (at that time mobile was not yet). Walking to Saint Petersburg can be found Kasparian and Tsoi in the streets – always slow, often silent. Both were dressed in black.

It was an interesting experience Victor with the audience in the genre of the evening – together with journalist Leonid Arkatov we staged the event at the Leningrad Palace of Youth. There was full house, Choi is one with a guitar sang and answered the notes and our questions, but the style of communication remained the same reticence, restraint. He was peculiar aphoristic nature, the desire not to spread the idea of the tree.

Producers Tsoi

Choi remained St. Petersburg musician, although in recent years he actually moved to Moscow. These months of life and creativity associated with the name known and a bit controversial producer Yuri ayzenshpisa. Yuri told me about how he became a producer Tsoi. He then served time in places of confinement before release, he asked to bring him a newspaper, flip through which he realized that the most fashionable band became the band “Kino” from St. Petersburg.

“But with them I’m going to work,” said Aizenshpis. “How will you do it?” “I’ll make them an offer they can’t refuse,” smiled Yuri Shmilevich.

Exactly, no one knew that it offered Aizenshpis Choi, but Victor was already thinking about moving to Moscow as the personal life in the Northern capital did not develop. Besides, Choi with the help of ayzenshpisa began collecting not sports palaces, but real stadiums. Choi honestly offered your first producer, Yuri Belishkina, to go with him to Moscow, but he refused and then Choi kept Belishkina the right to do his concerts in Leningrad. Then Belyshkin worked with “DDT”, other musicians, and is now actively engaged in the group “Victor”, which successfully performs only the repertoire of the group “Kino”.


«Я невольно предсказал его гибель»: воспоминания журналиста о Викторе Цое

A lot of rumors about his son Viti, Sasha Tsoi. I saw him a few times when I was still living Mariana, the first wife of the Choi. Sasha has grown even more introverted than the Pope – from time to time it is little known. Recently, he finally appeared – in the project “Symphonic CINEMA”, which was created by musician Yuri Kasparian, head of the NCA Mikhail Shurygin, the composer Igor Vdovin. The project is now in demand in Russia and Europe.

The rise Tsoi was so fast and swift that every year he was surprised by new twists in fate: released albums, made her film debut, opened for not only Europe but also the East. Many wonder: “What would continue to do Choi”? After all, when his life was cut short, he was only 28. It seems to me that he’d retired from music – would be to do other types of art, for example, the same feature film. Because it is difficult to imagine Tsoi and group “Cinema” in endless touring schedule. Though he was so secretive and unpredictable, what wonder that Choi was on his mind, it was useless.

Hint, of which he has not used

It so happened that in one of his articles I unwittingly predicted the tragedy that happened to Choi. Then the musicians began to appear the first a lot of money, and they rushed to buy their own cars, including Choi – he bought a brand new “Moskvich 2141”, which said that he had problems with the brakes. In the article I wrote about the fact that the band is very easy to learn to drive a car, because arms and legs are coordinated: “…you Guys are musicians, watch yourself, be careful on the roads! It’s up to you, Victor Tsoy, a true…”

I talked with Victor when he a rock star was not yet and, in my opinion, it, in the full sense of the word, did not. Although the writer Alexander zhitinsky somehow remembered the episode when Choi arrived from Moscow in a long black coat and broke into their company like a real rock star. Personally, I’ve never seen and for me it has remained the same as in the first meetings”.