“I took out the gurney”: reported the hospitalization of Joseph Kobzon

«Вывозили на каталке»: сообщили о госпитализации Иосифа Кобзона In recent months it was rumored about the deteriorating health of the famous singer. Wife of Joseph Kobzon refused to comment on rumors that her husband is in the hospital. While Nelly Kobzon nor denied this information.
«Вывозили на каталке»: сообщили о госпитализации Иосифа Кобзона

This morning on the Network broke a screen message, which an anonymous source says about the urgent hospitalization of Joseph Kobzon. 80-year-old master singers for many years struggling with cancer, but looking at smiling screens of the singer it was impossible to imagine that the advantages in this battle on the side of the disease.

According to rumors, now Joseph Davidovich is in one of the capital’s hospitals and no longer gets out of bed. “Kobzon Joseph Davydovich generally came down today on the gurney and took him,” shared an eyewitness.

The wife of the artist did not deny the news about the deteriorating health of her husband, but to go into detail did not.

“I have the following questions do not give answers”, – said the artist’s wife “StarHit”.

Attempts to reach the Kobzon, who had always answered the phone, were unsuccessful. His press Secretary Varvara A. in conversation with “StarHit” confirmed that now the status of the artist is really far from ideal.

“He’s not well, but nothing out of the ordinary it’s not happening here,” – said the representative of the artist.
«Вывозили на каталке»: сообщили о госпитализации Иосифа Кобзона

Joseph Kobzon more than 13 years of struggling with cancer. In the program “Let them talk,” he admitted with this disease also experienced and famous colleagues. The singer urged everyone to undergo regular screening to prevent development of the disease.

«Вывозили на каталке»: сообщили о госпитализации Иосифа Кобзона“Isn’t it strange that intelligent people so often kills cancer? I encourage everyone as often as possible to be screened. This is a disease that does not tolerate Amateur, it requires professional care and observation. Many have asked how native Wali Yudashkin could miss the spread of metastasis? And he was not observed. If Valentine jumped in the hospital for just a couple of hours, would be handed over analyses, there were no problems. But we’re always busy,” said Kobzon.

Joseph Davydovich considers that the disease should not be afraid, because it can be overcome, if the time to begin treatment. “I remember when I was diagnosed, and I was afraid to tell his wife. But Nellie once said that we are going to be treated, and everything will be fine. Then there was the surgery in Germany. In General I am opposed to be treated abroad”, – recalled the artist.